Stain Removal

Stains are the arch nemesis to the professional carpet cleaner. There is nothing worse then trying to explain to a customer that their previously dirty stained carpet is now a “clean” stained carpet. I know this sounds ridiculous, but is nonetheless sometimes the truth. The fact is there is no 100% stain removal remedy (unless you count physically cutting out the stain…not recommended).

You can always clean a carpet or fabric, but this does not guarantee all the stains will come out. Sometimes to make a carpet look like new…you have to buy a new carpet. That’s the bad news. The good news is that technology is evolving and the times we need to explain the ‘cleaned stained’ carpet scenario, are less and less. If a stain does not respond to regular steam cleaning, there is a whole host of special chemical options at our disposal.

Stains such as kool-aid, rust, coffee, water, paint, oil, grease, make-up, gum and wax are all examples of stains that sometimes require a chemical option. Chemical options for these types of stains are priced out on site and applied only with the consent of the customer.